Saudi's Flynas To Fly Long Haul
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Saudi’s Flynas To Fly Long Haul

Saudi’s Flynas To Fly Long Haul

Flynas is the second low-cost airline regionally to offer business class seating.


The Saudi Arabian low-cost carrier is to enter the long-haul aviation market next year.

CEO Raja Azmi said it plans to fly leased Airbus A330s between Jeddah and London and Paris, as well as India, Pakistan and North Africa.

“We’re trying to get the critical mass as quickly as possible,” he said. “London and Paris are the two favourite spots for Saudis.”

Business class will be available on the new routes although Azmi stressed it will still operate a low-cost model. Initially the focus will be on religious travellers but later extend to corporates.

This week at the Dubai Airshow it is displaying one if its new-look A320s which features an eight-seat business class and 156 economy seats. All 18 aircraft are due to be reconfigured within the next two months, as the airline seeks to capture more Saudi executives alongside budget-conscious travellers.

Flynas is the second low-cost airline regionally to offer a premium product with flydubai recently installing a 12-seat business class.

The on-board menu is similar to flydubai’s with a range of sandwiches and drinks available, but unlike flydubai, it doesn’t offer in-flight entertainment (although it will be available on the leased A330s).

The long-haul move is a bold departure for six-year-old flynas, which has traditionally focused on regional point-to-point traffic, and will now compete with Saudia and other full-service airlines. The new strategy follows a corporate relaunch which has seen a fresh livery, identity and website.


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