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Saudi’s CPC Opens $15m Marble Factory In China

Saudi’s CPC Opens $15m Marble Factory In China

The massive new factory, spread across 66,000 sqm, will import 50 per cent of its produce to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.


Saudi-based Construction Products Holding Company (CPC) has opened its first wholly owned marble factory in China with an investment of $15 million.

Located in the High-Tech Industry Park zone in Ji’an county, the Global New Material Technology (GNMT) factory is spread across 66,000 square meters.

It is expected to produce 400,000 metre square of interior/exterior flooring, wall panels and interior decorations for all types of buildings.

Up to 50 per cent of the produce from the new factory will be allocated for domestic consumption in China, and 50 per cent will be exported to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, said CPC.

Following the investment, the company aims to deliver building technologies more quickly to customers based in China, Saudi Arabia and the GCC, CPC said in a statement.

Walid Samaha, CPC’s COO said: “This move is part of the company’s ongoing programme to consolidate and optimise its global production network and we chose China because of positive investment environments, availability of the raw materials sources and the efficiency of the industry park infrastructure.

“China is an important market for CPC and we have a long-term commitment and strategic interest in this market. It will also enable our industrial marble business to expand and leverage its global reach, and win market share in emerging markets,” he added.


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