Saudi's AMAALA strengthens alliance with Duba-based HASCO
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Saudi’s Amaala strengthens alliance with Dubai-based HASCO

Saudi’s Amaala strengthens alliance with Dubai-based HASCO

The startup will offer excavation, backfilling, and earthworks for Triple Bay Marina


Saudi Arabian luxury destination Amaala has awarded the contract for excavation, backfilling, and earthworks to Dubai-based company, HASCO (Hasan Al-Harbi Corp).

As part of the contract, HASCO has deployed a team of 90 across Triple Bay Marina to manage the excavation of the Amaala’s marina basin.

HASCO, which specialises in marine and logistics services, has also overseen the installation of critical infrastructure, including access roads, and the construction of on-site offices, following the initial preparation works across the AMAALA site.

Chief executive officer of Amaala, Nicholas Naples said: “We are pleased to be continuing our work with HASCO. Their contribution has been intrinsic to the progress of Amaala to date and will continue to do so. As a Duba-based contractor, HASCO’s knowledge and expertise of the local market has been invaluable in ensuring the high standards of quality we want to instil in every aspect of Amaala. The appointment of the HASCO team for the earthworks of Triple Bay’s marina also furthers our commitment to support Saudi Arabian companies and contribution to employment within Saudi Arabia.”

Amaala’s environmental team will continue to ensure work is being carried out is in line with the destination’s sustainability and environmental guidelines.

Managing director of HASCO, Hassan Al Harbi, said: “It is worth noting that Amaala has participated with the local community in the region in the initial establishment stages through obtaining HASCO’s Marine, Logistics, and Hospitality services, and later contracted with HASCO to implement Amaala first project (Triple Bay (Marina) – Early Earth Works).”

Upon development, Triple Bay’s marina basin will overlook the Red Sea, and form part of Amaala’s yachting portfolio.

Triple Bay’s marina basin will provide berthing for more than 300 yachts.

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