Saudia rebrands with new colours, logo: Take a look
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Saudia rebrands for a ‘tech-driven future’: Take a look at the new colours, logo

Saudia rebrands for a ‘tech-driven future’: Take a look at the new colours, logo

The new colours hold deep symbolism representing the authenticity of the Saudi identity

Saudia rebrands

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) unveiled its new visual identity on September 30, marking a significant milestone in the national flag carrier’s aviation journey.

The new identity reflects the airline’s commitment to modernisation and includes colours that hold deep symbolism representing the authenticity of the Saudi identity, reported Saudi Press Agency. Additionally, SAUDIA introduced developments in its guest services system and incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) into its operational processes.

The official presentation of SAUDIA’s new identity took place at the airlines’ headquarters and was attended by dignitaries, government and private sector officials, experts from the aviation and air transport industry, and members of the media.

The date of the launch, September 30 holds special significance as it commemorates the anniversary of the late King Abdulaziz’s first flight aboard a “Saudi Arabian” DC-3 aircraft from Afif to Taif.

SAUDIA’s new identity

SAUDIA’s new identity represents a stronger connection with the kingdom, characterised by three distinct colors. Green embodies the pride and honor of the national flag, as well as the generosity, culture, and hospitality of Saudi Arabia represented by the palm tree.

Blue symbolises the country’s seas and skies, drawing inspiration from them for future groundbreaking initiatives. Lastly, sandy brown signifies the richness and authenticity of the homeland, highlighting its deep-rooted heritage, said the airline in its release.

The predominant color in the new aircraft livery is green, which includes the airline’s logo on the tail and “Saudia” underneath the aircraft. The refreshed logo features a large palm tree against a triangular background reminiscent of an aircraft shape.

Saudia's new livery
Image credit: SAUDIA

With this new identity, SAUDIA remains committed to prioritising its human resources while simultaneously investing in the development of the nation, the airline said in its release.

Ibrahim bin Abdulrahman Al-Omar, director-general of SAUDIA Group, emphasised that the airline is embarking on a new era and entering a distinctive phase. “We are experiencing a new era and a very exciting time for Saudia. Our airline has evolved from a Douglas DC-3 aircraft in 1945 to a 140-aircraft modern fleet serving over 100 destinations, becoming one of the largest airlines in the region.

“The name and logo of Saudia are integral parts of the Kingdom’s aviation history and development, and our people share a special emotional connection with the brand. We have incorporated this rich heritage into our new identity, adding elements that reflect our visionary approach, poised to captivate the world.”

He highlighted the humble beginnings of the national flag carrier with a single aircraft and its subsequent growth to a fleet of over 140 planes, connecting regions within the kingdom and serving more than 100 destinations across four continents.

This transformation solidifies SAUDIA’s position as one of the largest airlines in the region.

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