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Saudi warns passengers of new powder restrictions on US flights

Saudi warns passengers of new powder restrictions on US flights

The new measures comes into force on June 30

Saudi Arabia’s General Civil Aviation Authority (GACA) has warned passengers of new powder restrictions when travelling to the United States.

Under the change, announced by the US Transportation Security Administration earlier this week, passengers are permitted from carrying more than 350ml of powder in their carry-on bags on direct flights to the US.

Cosmetics, baby milk, protein powder and other substances are affected by the change, which comes into force on June 30.

The GACA said in a press statement that larger amounts of powder could be carried in checked bags.

Passengers are advised that the new rules could see their powder substances confiscated before boarding if they do not meet the requirements.

The rules are said to have been partly prompted by a failed bomb plot targeting an Etihad flight in Australia.

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Last year, the US introduced a ban on passengers carrying laptops in their carry-on luggage on direct flights from several Middle Eastern airports to the country.

That ban was later rescinded after new screening methods were brought in.

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