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Saudi warns of $27,000 fine for transporting, employing illegal residents

Saudi warns of $27,000 fine for transporting, employing illegal residents

Those found harbouring illegal workers face up to six months in jail

Saudi Arabia’s Directorate of Passports has warned citizens and residents that they face up to six months in prison and a fine of SAR100,000 ($26,656) for trafficking or employing visa violators.

The announcement comes as the kingdom continues a crackdown on those in breach of residence, labour and border security laws that has netted more than 1.25 million people since it began last November.

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Those found harbouring or employing more than one illegal worker or resident will see their fines multiplied.

Companies could also see their establishment banned from recruitment for five years and the imprisonment of the responsible director for six months.

Foreign residents will face deportation after the completion of their sentence.

“The General Directorate of Passports called on citizens and residents to comply with the regulations, instructions and reporting on irregular labor so as not to expose themselves to punishment,” the directorate said.


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