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Saudi soldiers in Yemen to receive one-month bonus

Saudi soldiers in Yemen to receive one-month bonus

Ministry employees on the front line will also be awarded the bonus

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ordered a one-month salary bonus to all Saudi soldiers that participated in Operation Decisive Storm and Operation Restoring Hope in Yemen.

Employees of the Interior Ministry, Defence Ministry and Ministry of National Guard involved in the operations on the frontline have also been awarded the bonus, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

The announcement was made following the king’s return to Jeddah from Morocco on Sunday.
SPA also reported yesterday that six expatriate workers were injured when shells fired from inside Yemen hit Najran Water Factory.

The injured included three Indians, two Bangladeshis and a Nepali.

An infiltration attempt in the area by militias of the opposing Houthi movement in Yemen was also thwarted, according to local reports.

Tensions on the Saudi border with Yemen have heated up in recent weeks with several scud missile interceptions and border attacks reported by Saudi authorities.


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