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Saudi Shoura member calls for foreign recruitment firms for domestic workers

Saudi Shoura member calls for foreign recruitment firms for domestic workers

Domestic worker recruitment is currently restricted to local firms

A member of Saudi Arabia’s Shoura Council has reportedly suggested allowing foreign recruitment offices for domestic workers to conduct business in the kingdom.

Saudi Gazette cited Shoura Council member Saud Al-Subaie as saying the introduction of foreign firms could help meet current demand for domestic workers, which is not being met by sufficient supply.

Foreign officers would be subject to the same rules and regulations as local firms, he said, arguing that the current system which sees recruiters abide by both Saudi rules and those of the country they are recruiting from were not working.

“Such bureaucracy is hindering the supply of domestic workers and it is prioritising the profit of foreign governments over the benefits of Saudi clients.

“Foreign governments can take the necessary precautions according to their laws to ensure they are protected whenever a worker escapes from their Saudi sponsors or refuse to work,” Al-Subaie said, according to Saudi Gazette.

The Shoura members was also quoted as saying foreign offices operating in the kingdom would help resolve the issue of workers escaping from their sponsors or refusing to work.

He suggested that current rates could also decrease due to the increased competition.

“The rates are also being hiked without any control as there are recruitment fees reaching up to SAR23,000 when the price needed is only SRA2,000,” he said.


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