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Saudi sets new rules for government worker bonuses

Saudi sets new rules for government worker bonuses

The new rules aim to recognise exceptional employees but set limits on payments

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Civil Service has set nine conditions for bonus payments to government employees, according to reports.

The new rules follow cuts to ministerial salaries and public sector financial perks, including overtime bonuses, announced at the end of September.

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Saudi Gazette said the ministry distributed a circular to government departments with the new requirements.

Under the new system, those that contribute to implementing the department’s objectives through hard work, provide exceptional ideas, take initiative and realise the objectives of Vision 2030 will be given a bonus, the ministry was quoted as saying.

Employees that warn the department of potential dangers and problems, inform of wrong policies and make development proposals will be given priority for payments.

Similar those with exceptional skills, flexibility and a willingness to work long hours to complete a project will also be prioritised.

The ministry said total bonus payments should not exceed 35 per cent of the money allocated for recruiting workers and every department must prepare a bonus budget.

Other terms include that the bonus should not exceed 75 per cent of a worker’s monthly salary and a maximum of six bonus payments are allowed per employee per year.

Payments should be based on an employee’s performance over the past two years and departments are allowed to setup three mechanisms to determine those selected.


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