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Saudi seals gas stations for hoarding fuel

Saudi seals gas stations for hoarding fuel

The stations were preempting a hike in fuel prices, which was announced on Monday

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment has sealed 68 gas stations for hoarding fuel before officials announced a hike in fuel prices on Monday.

“We have sealed 68 gas stations across the Kingdom for refusing to supply fuel to consumers on Sunday night,” said an MCI statement, which added that it inspected 1,597 gas stations to find out whether they were supplying fuel to motorists, or had closed their pumps in anticipation of the price rise.

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Monitoring of gas stations and penalisation of violators will continue “around the clock”, according to the ministry, which is working with other government agencies to keep track of price tampering or fraud.

Petrol stations across the kingdom saw huge numbers of motorists queuing for fuel on Sunday night, before the price hike was raised on Monday

State news agency SPA said that Octane 91 will sell for SAR1.37 a litre, up from SAR0.75, while Octane 95 will sell for SAR2.04 a litre, up from SAR0.90. Diesel rates for trucks were left unchanged.


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