Saudi Pepsi bottler MenaBev picks Infor for warehouse management software
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Saudi Pepsi bottler MenaBev picks Infor for warehouse management software

Saudi Pepsi bottler MenaBev picks Infor for warehouse management software

Infor WMS will manage MenaBev’s end-to-end warehouse operation


MenaBev, a multinational franchisee of PepsiCo, has implemented Infor WMS warehouse management software at its more than 300,000-square-meter bottling facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The platform will manage MenaBev’s end-to-end warehouse operation, from raw material receipt through to the production, storage and shipping of finished goods.

With eight production lines and thousands of transactions daily between different systems, MenaBev is one of the leading franchise bottlers for PepsiCo. The automation at this MenaBev facility is state-of-the-art: LGVs (laser-guided vehicles) manage raw materials putaway and replenishment to the lines while a High Bay AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system) has a capacity for more than 36,000 pallets. The solution receives finished goods from the production lines via elevators and monorails while an automatic truck loading platform delivers the goods to outbound vehicles.

The warehouse management platform integrates with seven different systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP – including Infor LN), manufacturing execution system (MES), laboratory information management system (LIMS) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems, with monitoring screens to identify any integration issues. The full production module enables messages to be sent to LGVs to feed lines and notifies the high bay warehouse about finished goods pallets, and a customised yard management solution manages dock assignments and access to the facility.

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“We can receive raw materials using supplier multi-field barcodes, trigger replenishment to production based on live consumption and load pallets onto trucks without a single paper printed,” said Tamer Salem, MES and automation manager at MenaBev.

“Thanks to the new system, we have visibility over all our warehouse processes. We’ve worked very closely with the SNS team to ensure we implement the best solution for our extensive operation. We pride ourselves on our commitment to using state-of-the-art technology in manufacturing and sales & distribution, and this implementation certainly fits that brief. We look forward to this next chapter in our business, readily embracing the benefits this new way of working will bring,” he added.

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