Saudi to offer residency permits to Yemenis
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Saudi to offer residency permits to Yemenis

Saudi to offer residency permits to Yemenis

The kingdom recently granted a six-month extension to Yemenis holding visitor IDs


Saudi Arabia’s General Directorate of Passports will offer regular residency permits to Yemeni nationals holding visitor IDs from next month, according to reports.

Arab News cited the organisation as confirming the measure following instructions from the Ministry of Interior.

Yemeni nationals will be granted residency permits from October 5 provided they hold a valid passport.

They will also need to complete service procedures with their employers in line with Ministry of Labour and Social Development criteria.

The decision will not benefit dependents of holders of visitors IDs, authorities said.

Those who entered the kingdom legally and hold visitor IDs will also not be able to benefit from the decree.

Applications will be accepted online through Ministry of Interior portals and inquiries will be handled via email or through the official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In June, the kingdom announced that Yemenis residing in the kingdom on visit visas would be granted a six-month extension to prolong their stay.

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Thousands of Yemenis are said to be residing in the kingdom as the civil war in Yemen continues.


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