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Saudi ministry forms new nature reserve outside Riyadh

Saudi ministry forms new nature reserve outside Riyadh

The land was allocated following damage caused by a contractor

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has announced the allocation of 2 million square metres of land outside Riyadh for a nature reserve.

The ministry said the reserve was formed in Shuaib al-Khadariyya, in Hawat Bani Tamim, after a contractor was punished for damaging plant life and 47 local trees

The reserve is intended to protect local plants, support the spread of seeds and provide a natural space for the local population.

The new reserve spans 2,094,049sqm and is fully fenced with an entry and exit mechanism, according to the statement.

Shu’ayb al-Khudariyya is located at the centre of Al-Far’a in Hawat Bani Tamim governorate and is famous for its shrubs, vegetation and fertile soil linked to annual rainfall and floods.


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