Saudi man killed, others injured after clash in Jeddah over parking issue

All those involved in the “mass quarrel” have been arrested

A Saudi national was killed and several others were injured after a quarrel broke out in the Saudi city of Jeddah following a disagreement over the use of parking lots.

The incident took place on Saturday night in a neighbourhood in eastern Jeddah, the Saudi Press Agency quoted Makkah police officials as saying.

The report said weapons were used in the “mass quarrel”, following which one man, who was stabbed, was taken to the hospital and later died.

“All the other six participants in the quarrel were arrested,” the report said, adding that a quick hearing was conducted.

The preliminary procedures have been completed and the parties have been referred to the prosecution, the SPA report added.

Police said they had despatched additional security patrols to oversee the area.