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Saudi limits 41 job roles to its citizens in Madinah

Saudi limits 41 job roles to its citizens in Madinah

The ruling covers NGOs, as well as jobs in the retail, hospitality and tourism sectors

Saudi has issued a new decree limiting 41 job roles to its citizens in Madinah, local daily Arab News reported.

The decree, issued by the Saudi minister of Labour and Social Development Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, covers diverse roles in NGOs, retail, hospitality and tourism sectors.

While the new ruling takes effect from April 7, 2019, for nongovernmental organisations, it will be in place from June 10, 2019, for the hospitality and tourism sectors, the report stated.

The job types and activities covered under the decree include: Light-vehicle driver, order taker, safety and security officer, food service employee, telephone operator, data-entry clerk, administrative clerk, secretary, general services supervisor, room service supervisor, maintenance supervisor, sales and marketing supervisor, safety and security supervisor, tourism programmes supervisor, front office supervisor, supervisor of telephone operators, overseer, director of security and safety, acting director, maintenance manager, room service manager, customer service manager, administrative manager, sales and marketing representative, director of tourism programs, director of the front office and director of staff relations.

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The latest decree comes after the Saudi government implemented new job restrictions in the retail and wholesale sectors.

The new rules, first announced in January, require 70 per cent of sales jobs at outlets selling 12 types of items to be held by Saudis.

The first phase, which came into force in September, applied to automobile and motorbike showrooms and shops selling items including ready-made clothing for men and children, home and office furniture, household goods and utensils.

The second phase, which began on November 9, applied to “electrical and electronic appliances, watches and glasses shops”, the ministry said.

While a third phase will come into force from January 7 requiring “medical equipment stores, construction materials shops, auto spare parts shops, carpet shops of all kinds, and confectionery shops” to comply.

The ministry said the decision was intended “to enable citizens and women citizens to work and raise their participation rates in the private sector”.

According to reports, the move is expected to affect as many as 1.22 million expat jobs in the kingdom.

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