Saudi Issues Travel Warning
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Saudi Issues Travel Warning

Saudi Issues Travel Warning

The Kingdom has warned its citizens not to travel to Yemen due to increasing insecurity in the country.

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Saudi Arabia has renewed its warning of urging citizens not to travel to neighbouring Yemen because of the growing violence in the country, an official source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the Saudi Press Agency.

“In view of unstable security situations in Yemen, the Ministry renewed its caution to all citizens against travelling to the Republic of Yemen at the moment and said they should wait until the stabilisation of the situation there,” the report said.

The news comes as a Saudi diplomat, who was kidnapped nearly a month ago in Yemen, has appealed to the Kingdom’s authorities to secure his release.

Abdullah al-Khalidi was kidnapped by militants outside his home in the southern city of Aden. Last week, a video was posted on internet forums showing Khalidi requesting Riyadh to meet the militants’ demands.

Khalidi is the third Saudi national to be kidnapped in Yemen in the last three years.

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