Saudi grants visa on arrival to babies of residents

Parents will no longer need to seek a visa for their newborn at the Saudi embassy in their home country

Babies of foreign residents in Saudi Arabia can enter the country without having to obtain a visa in the parent’s home country, according to reports.

News site 3alyoum quoted the General Directorate of Passports as saying the child will be issued a visa upon arrival in the kingdom subject to certain conditions.

These include that the child has as independent passport and the parents are residents in the kingdom, with the wife a dependent of the husband.

“A visa for the child will be issued at the point of entry on arrival, provided the newborn has an independent passport and that the parents are residents in the kingdom — where the wife is dependent on her husband,” the directorate said.

Saudi Arabia introduced a monthly fee for dependents of foreign workers on July 1.

Under the rules, the worker must bay SAR100 ($27) a month for each dependent at the renewal or issuance of a residency visa.

This will increase to SAR200 ($53) next year and SAR400 ($107) by 2020.

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It was unclear how the fee would apply to newborn children granted a visa on arrival in the kingdom.