Saudi embassy in Netherlands warns tourists of burqa ban, which takes effect this week

The ban will cover hospitals, government departments, schools and public transport in the Netherlands

The Saudi embassy in Netherlands has issued a warning to tourists as well as students in the country to be prepared for the burqa ban, which takes effect from August 1.

Taking to Twitter, the embassy reiterated that the law banning “face-covering clothing” will be applicable in hospitals, government departments, schools and on public transport in the Netherlands.

The regulation, which was approved by the country’s parliament in June last year, will not block the wearing of the hijab – which covers a woman’s hair.

Although the ban does not apply to streets, media reports said police can ask an individual to remove face-covering clothing for identification.

Those who violate the ban could face a fine of 150 euros, Dutch media reported last month.

About 150 women wear a burqa or niqab on a daily basis in the Netherlands, according to reports.

Other European countries including Belgium, France and Denmark already have regulatory measures against the wearing of veils.