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Saudi clarifies holiday entitlement for private sector employees

Saudi clarifies holiday entitlement for private sector employees

Private sector employees in the kingdom receive four days off for each of the Eid holidays and leave for paternity

Private sector workers in Saudi Arabia are entitled to four official holidays for each of the Eid festivals, as well as leaves for marriage and paternity, the ministry of Labour and Social Development has said.

As part of an awareness campaign, the ministry emphasised that all private sector companies were required to provide four days of official holiday each for the Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha festivals, local daily Saudi Gazette reported.

The ministry also said that National Day – which falls on September 23, will be observed with a day off. If it falls on a weekend, a day preceding or following it will be given as a compensatory off.

However, if National Day falls on any one of the Eid holidays, there won’t be any compensation, the ministry clarified.

In terms of personal holidays, the ministry also stressed that employees are entitled to avail a three-day paternity leave with full pay, five-day marriage leave and five-day leave in the event of the death of wife or any one of parents or children.

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