Saudi busts 'terrorist cell' trained by Iran's Revolutionary Guards
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Saudi busts ‘terrorist cell’ trained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Saudi busts ‘terrorist cell’ trained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Several weapons and explosives have been confiscated at a house and a farm

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Authorities in Saudi Arabia have dismantled a “terrorist cell” in the kingdom and arrested 10 members who received training from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the spokesman for the Presidency of State Security announced on Monday.

Three of the members of the cell received military and field training in Iran on how to make explosives in 2017, while the rest performed different roles, officials said.

Several weapons and explosives were also confiscated at a house and a farm.

Security investigations revealed the members’ identities as well as the two sites used by them to store weapons and explosives.

However, no details about the location or their identities have been revealed since the investigation is underway, the spokesperson said.

Some of the items found at the site include: Nine Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), 67 explosive fuses, 51 explosive stun guns, a large quantity of capacitors, electrical transformers and electronic resistors that are used in making explosives, 5.28 kg of gunpowder, 17 cans containing chemicals, 13 electrical signal transmitters and receivers, two circuit switches, four advanced eavesdropping devices and one welding machine.

Authorities also recovered four Kalashnikov guns, one G3 rifle, one sniper rifle, two pistols, one hunting air gun, 4620 live ammunition, 18 magazines for machine guns and pistols, six-inch homemade plastic container for weapons and 14 knives.

All those arrested are currently being investigated to find out more information about their activities and the persons connected to them in the kingdom and abroad, the spokesperson said.

The accused will then be referred to the judiciary.

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