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Saudi authorities use satellites to nab robbers accused of stealing SAR850,000

Saudi authorities use satellites to nab robbers accused of stealing SAR850,000

The accused were involved in an armed robbery in the Saudi capital

Saudi authorities used satellite technology to track and arrest four men accused of armed robbery in Riyadh, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Investigation by the Saudi public prosecutor’s office found that three men, with the help of an accomplice, held employees of a cash-handling company at gunpoint when they were stocking an ATM.

They escaped with SAR850,000 ($226,666), authorities said.

Authorities then used satellite technology to identify and pursue the perpetrators, SPA reported.

They were also able to track down details of the attack, including the strategy adopted by the perpetrators.

Using surveillance camera footage, they found that the accused had visited the scene of the crime three times before the incident to survey the site and decide how to safely escape after the theft.

One of the accused disguised himself as a cleaner and once the cash handlers arrived at the location, he pulled out a pistol and fired one shot in the air to intimidate them.

The robbers then stole the amount and escaped from the area.

One of the men then fled to a neighbouring country with a portion of the money, but he was later extradited, the report said.

The public Prosecution’s office has also opened a separate investigation into the security capabilities of the money transportation company and its compliance with the standards required to prevent burglary and keep its employees safe.


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