Saudi authorities complete clean-up of Al-Musawara
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Saudi authorities complete clean-up of Al-Musawara

Saudi authorities complete clean-up of Al-Musawara

The operation to tear down the old quarter began in May


Authorities in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province have completed demolition work, the removal of debris and cleaning in the 200-year-old Al-Musawara district, which has been a flashpoint of sectarian tensions.

The demolition of the old quarter in the town of Al-Awamiyah follows a security forces campaign against gunmen in the area after years of attacks on police.

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The operation to tear down the district, which has been at the centre of protests by the kingdom’s Shia minority, began in May.

Journalists were given a tour of the town last month to show progress.

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The government-led plan will see Al-Musawara developed into a “modern district”, Eastern Province Municipality director general of public relations and spokesman Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Al-Sufayyan said, according to Saudi Press Agency.

A total of 488 houses in the district have now been cleared including narrows roads and alleys authorities say posed risks to residents and provided a haven for terrorists.

The new project includes commercial stores, a shopping centre, a cultural centre, a public library, a sports complex, cafes, restaurants and other amenities including male and female clubs, a kindergarten and parking.


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