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Saudi authorities close 75 ‘fake goods’ social media accounts

Saudi authorities close 75 ‘fake goods’ social media accounts

Ministry of Trade and Investment has been monitoring adverts on various social platforms

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Trade and Investment has closed more than 74 social media accounts for posting thousands of adverts for fake goods.

According to local media, the ministry closed accounts across various platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, which had around 1.5 million followers collectively.

The ministry said it has been monitoring advertisements posted on social media websites, especially those that appear to feature suspicious products or seek to deceive people.

Fahd Al Hithli, undersecretary for consumer protection at the ministry, added that the ministry has drafted an e-commerce law that is being scrutinised by specialists. According to Arab News, Al Hithli said the law has been devised to support e-commerce by creating a safe and trustworthy environment that would protect the public against deception and fraud.

He also announced the launch of the Marouf initiative, which allows owners of e-commerce websites to undertake commercial activities on social media platform and websites with official recognition and certification. More than 7,000 e-shops are currently registered on Marouf.


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