Saudi Arabia eases curfew and business restrictions across the country, except in Makkah
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Saudi Arabia eases curfew and business restrictions across the country, except in Makkah

Saudi Arabia eases curfew and business restrictions across the country, except in Makkah

On April 25, Saudi reported 1,197 new Covid-19 cases with the highest number of new cases detected in Makkah

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Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has said that the curfew in place in the kingdom will be eased beginning from Sunday, April 26 until Wednesday, May 13, from 9am-5pm across the country except in Makkah and a few districts where the 24-hour curfew will remain in effect.

Also, a few businesses including malls and wholesale retailers and trade stores will be allowed to reopen in the regions where the curfew has been eased.

However, establishments where social distancing cannot be enforced such as beauty clinics, barber salons, sports and health clubs, recreational centers, cinemas, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes will continue to remain closed.

Construction companies and factories will be allowed to resume their activities without restrictions on their operating times from Wednesday, April 29, until Wednesday May 13.

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The authorities responsible for monitoring economic, commercial and industrial activities will ensure that all Covid-19 precautionary guidelines set out by the country’s ministry of health are being adhered to and will submit daily reports regarding their enforcement as well.

Gatherings for social purposes of more than five people in public places or at events such as wedding and funerals will continue to be banned.

The statement said that all those violating the rules of operating during the curfew, will be subject to penalties including having their establishments closed.

It also added that these measures were subject to a continuous evaluation during the aforementioned period.

King Salman instructed the interior ministry to coordinate with other authorities regarding any amendments to the curfew as required by the developing health situation.

The royal order urged citizens, expatriates and employers to assume responsibility and adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures in order to overcome the pandemic.

On April 25, Saudi Arabia reported 1,197 new Covid-19 cases taking the total number of confirmed cases in the country up to 16,299. Of the newly detected cased, the highest were reported in Makkah (364), Jeddah (271) and Riyadh (120).

The kingdom said that an additional nine coronavirus patients had died too while 166 had recovered, taking the total number of fatalities and recoveries to 136 and 2,215 respectively.

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