We expects to see more than 5% medium-term non-oil growth: Saudi Arabia's finance minister
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Saudi finance minister expects above 5% non-oil growth

Saudi finance minister expects above 5% non-oil growth

Non-oil GDP grew 4.6 per cent in 2023, while overall GDP contracted 0.9 per cent

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Saudi Arabia’s non-oil growth is expected to come in above 5 per cent in the medium term, Finance Minister Mohammed Al Jadaan said on Monday, slightly lower than the 6 per cent figure previously projected.

“If you look at the non-oil GDP, it is growing at very healthy numbers: 4 per cent and north of 4 per cent. We are expecting 5 per cent-plus in the medium term,” Jadaan told delegates at the Saudi Capital Markets Forum in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia focuses on diversification

The world’s top oil exporter is accelerating plans to diversify its economy away from oil under a plan known as Vision 2030. It aims to develop sectors such as tourism and industry, expand the private sector and create jobs.

Non-oil activities vastly outperformed oil sector expansion last year, lifting overall growth which had slowed sharply on the back of cuts to oil production and lower prices.

Jadaan had said in October that non-oil GDP was expected to grow by around 6 per cent in 2023 and beyond, possibly to 2030.

Non-oil GDP grew 4.6 per cent in 2023, while overall GDP contracted 0.9 per cent.

The government expects higher spending in the coming years, which analysts have said will drive domestic growth and support non-oil GDP but will also tilt the kingdom into a fiscal deficit of about 2 per cent this year.

But Jadaan said Saudi Arabia’s economic and social reforms had allowed it to be better equipped to deal with external shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical risks.

“We transform socially. We transform economically. We transform in fiscal policy, where we brought all the budget deficits down from 15 per cent to 2 per cent or even less than that. That is how a country becomes more resilient and deals with these shocks,” he said in Riyadh.

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