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Sandstorm warning issued for the UAE

Sandstorm warning issued for the UAE

Motorists cautioned as northwesterly winds are expected to stir up dust clouds across the country

The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has urged UAE motorists to exercise caution when driving on Thursday, due to an expected sandstorm.

Drivers are advised by the national weather bureau to take safety precautions, including reducing the speed of the car and leaving enough distance between vehicles on the road.

Wind speeds are expected to reach a peak of 31km/h, with active northwesterly gusts expected to stir up strong dust clouds..

Temperatures will remain stable with a high of 39 degrees Celsius in Dubai, according to the Weather Channel. Humidity levels are expected to reach a peak of 35 per cent.

A further wet weather warning was issued by the NSMS for the western coast at night. Stronger winds on the coast and rough waters in the Arabian Gulf are expected as the temperature drops into the evening.


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