Ruth’s Chris Steak House Review
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Ruth’s Chris Steak House Review

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Review

A menu brimming with as much seafood as meat, this is a steakhouse to savour.


The term ‘steakhouse’ can conjure images of loud, brash American diners serving nothing but near-raw 32 oz steaks still on the bone. Needless to say situated in The Address Dubai Marina, this steak house is nothing of the sort.

A pre-meal drink at the bar is something of a dying delicacy in the culinary world. At Ruth’s Chris it’s a must. The raised bar with its very knowledgeable mixologist, extensive menu and distinctly Manhattan cocktail bar circa-1980s feel is a polished way to start the evening.

Once seated at our table, with a very unique view of the marina and its twinkling skyscrapers, my guest and I made our choices. Though the steak selection was plenty, the menu boasted more fish and seafood options than it did meat. Appropriate as we sat metres away from the water perhaps but it made for an inspired and salivating menu.

My guest’s starter of calamari was without doubt the largest plate of crumbed squid I’ve seen. Thankfully the quality of the flavour matched the quantity of the portion – a must try for squid lovers. Her main course of crab cakes were so fresh that we dismissed they had been caught that morning, more likely just hours before we sat down.

I opened with the waiter’s recommendation of the chef’s special voodoo shrimp, a spicy prawn dish packed with more flavour than I’ve previously tasted from a shellfish.

Torn between steak and more seafood – my two loves on a menu – I opted for a main course straight out of gastronomic heaven; two 4oz sirloin cuts with fried king prawns layered atop. An inspired dish and though the rib eye is meant to be their finest slab of meat, I’d recommend the steak-shrimp combo for anyone with a carnivorous-seafood palate like mine.

Though the meals were without flaw the sides didn’t feel they had been prepared with quite as much love. The spinach was a little soggy and the fat chips were oversized wedges, but neither detracted from our meals.

The ambience at Ruth’s Chris is that unicorn of restaurant atmospheres – busy and alive with a dominating mood of privacy; suited for any occasion, which appeared to be the case that evening.

The service matched the high-standards set throughout the night. Our waiter was very knowledgeable, friendly yet impeccably mannered while the drinks list is as extensive as, dare I say, any other venue in Dubai – another nod to it’s Manhattan feel.

One to try for sure – Ruth’s Chris may not be the cheapest place in town, but you certainly get what you pay for. Dismiss any pre-notion thoughts of a rowdy USA steakhouse; this is a classic, suave venue that screams sophistication rather than cannibalism.


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