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Roamer App Says It Has Bypassed Block Of VoIP Providers In UAE

Roamer App Says It Has Bypassed Block Of VoIP Providers In UAE

The app allows users to make low-cost calls when roaming aboard through an internet or GSM connection.

The developers of Roamer, an app that allows users to make low-cost calls when roaming, confirmed that people in UAE can make free VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls despite blocks by telecom regulators.

The company said it had received “several hundred” complaints from Roamer’s users in UAE about the unavailability of free and Wi-Fi calls.

While Roamer initially provided regular low-cost international calls via a GSM-connection, after two days of development and tests a “new solution” was found, a statement said.

The app is now again able to provide UAE users VoIP free calls and internet calls to phone numbers abroad.

“We would not like to give the details of the solution due to obvious reasons, but it’s a smart and transparent technology,” said CEO Nick Ustinov.

External VoIP service providers such as Skype and Viber are currently not licensed to operate in the UAE.

In September last year, the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority clarified that only the UAE’s two telecoms providers, Etisalat and du, are licensed to provide all telecommunications services in the country.

Earlier this year, calling services introduced by popular messaging app, WhatsApp, were also found to be blocked in the country.

The Roamer app is available on iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets, and works with any SIM card. It is also available in 10 languages including Arabic and English.


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