Riyadh Air, Sabre ink key deal, here's what it involves
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Riyadh Air, Sabre ink strategic deal, here’s what it involves

Riyadh Air, Sabre ink strategic deal, here’s what it involves

Riyadh Air has chosen Sabre’s comprehensive suite of solutions to optimise its network planning and drive revenue growth

Riyadh Air announces partnership with Sabre

Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s new national airline, has partnered with global travel industry technology provider, Sabre Corporation, in a strategic move to optimise its network planning and drive revenue growth.

Vincent Coste, chief commercial officer, Riyadh Air. “We have carefully selected a stable of world-class technical suppliers to power Riyadh Air towards its maiden flight in 2025, and this collaboration is a key milestone in our journey to achieve operational excellence and scale our business efficiently.”

“Sabre’s technology unlocks new levels of insight,” said Coste. This insight, derived from Sabre’s Network Planning and Optimization solutions, will empower the airline to make informed decisions about network design, demand forecasting, and resource allocation.

This, in turn, translates to greater revenue potential and allows for reinvestments in enhancing the passenger experience.

Riyadh Air selects solutions to drive efficiency

The airline has chosen Sabre’s comprehensive suite of offerings, including:

  • Sabre Schedule Manager: This streamlines schedule development for optimal aircraft utilisation and revenue generation.
  • Sabre Slot Manager: It manages critical slot portfolios efficiently, ensuring optimal asset utilisation at busy airports.
  • Sabre Profit Manager: This delivers accurate demand and profitability forecasts, enabling informed network design and hub structure creation.
  • Sabre Market Intelligence – GDD:  This provides robust market data and advanced analytics to identify new revenue opportunities and gain a competitive edge.

Garry Wiseman, chief product and technology officer at Sabre Travel Solutions, states, “Our solutions empower airlines to swiftly respond to market changes, identify new opportunities, and optimise flight times for incremental revenue gains.”

The partnership aligns with the airline‘s goal of establishing itself as a leading player in the aviation industry.

In other news, Riyadh Air announced it will use enterprise software from tech giant Oracle to help digitise its finance, supply chain and human capital management.

Digital transformation firm Tech Mahindra is set to implement and deploy Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Applications Suite for Riyadh Air.

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