Aviation fashion: Riyadh Air unveils collection on Paris runway
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Riyadh Air soars on Paris runway, unveils exclusive fashion collection

Riyadh Air soars on Paris runway, unveils exclusive fashion collection

Saudi fashion designer Ashi has taken inspiration from the 1950s ‘golden era’ of aviation to create the fashion collection that will be worn by staff, including cabin crew

Neesha Salian
Riyadh Air soars on Paris runway, unveils exclusive fashion line

Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Air, made a stylish debut at Haute Couture Week in Paris, unveiling its first-ever fashion collection.

The airline showcased its luxurious new lifestyle collection for its frontline team members in collaboration with Saudi fashion designer Ashi, founder of the couture house ASHI Studio.

The exclusive line featured 15 of its dozens of male and female looks.

Throwback to the ’50s

The fashion line is a nod to the elegance of 1950s airline fashion, often referred to as the ‘golden age’ of aviation, but with a bold, modern twist.

The collection includes timeless cashmere outerwear, fine wool dresses and trousers, custom leather footwear, amethyst earrings and pillbox hats. Ashi’s unique designs incorporate chic Electric Amethyst and Dark Amethyst tones, inspired by Saudi Arabia’s lavender fields and Riyadh Air’s primary colour.

These bespoke colours align perfectly with the airline’s cabin interiors, set to be revealed later this year.

The grand reveal in Paris was attended by a distinguished audience, including senior stakeholders, diplomats, and celebrities, who witnessed this historic moment.

Riyadh Air and Lucid, the maker of the world’s most advanced electric vehicles, also used this opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to sustainable transport and eco-friendly practices. This innovative partnership aims to explore collaborations across co-marketing, commercial, and operational streams.

A landmark occasion for the airline, says CEO

Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas expressed his excitement, stating, “This has been a landmark occasion for Riyadh Air, and it shows just how far we’ve come in a short space of time. For a start-up airline to be showcasing our new fashion collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris shows what an impact Riyadh Air is having globally. Working with Ashi on these designs has been a tremendous experience for all of us, and we’re all very proud to be able to show off the creations and the full range early next year.”

Ashi, founder and creative director of ASHI STUDIO, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “Designing for the new national airline from Saudi Arabia has had a big impact on me knowing that we are making a mark in history. Fashion and aviation have seen collaborations in the past, but its pinnacle was over 50 years ago, and I was keen to be inspired by that time.

“This is an amazing collaboration where fashion is helping to make an airline modern with unique looks. It shows that Riyadh Air has no limits and that luxury and attention to detail are key across every aspect of the experience.”

Fashion collection to be worn by Riyadh Air cabin crew and ground staff

The fashion collection, to be worn by Riyadh Air cabin crew, pilots, concierges, and airport agents, can be updated seasonally, keeping the looks fresh year-round.

Ashi’s designs incorporate distinctive Riyadh Air elements, such as the iconic canopy twist, into the lines, shadows, and silhouettes of the new fashion line.

The coats and jackets showcased in Paris also reflect the modern lines of the Riyadh Air logo.

Ashi emphasised the practicality of the collection, highlighting its ease and comfort. “We wanted to have the theme of the collection pay homage to the golden age of aviation, so I took that literally and went back to the 1950s when luxury aviation was at its peak. What we’ve done here is modernized the lines and pushed them to be more relevant but with the glamour of the golden era,” he added.

Riyadh Air is set to make its maiden flight in 2025, aiming to revolutionise the future of air travel with a premium aviation experience for both guests and team members. With a dedication to cutting-edge thinking and innovation, Riyadh Air is poised to set new industry standards.

The collaboration between Riyadh Air and ASHI Studio marks a significant milestone in aviation fashion.

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