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Review: Parrot Zik Headphones

Review: Parrot Zik Headphones

The new noise-cancelling wireless option from Parrot has great ergonomics.


Put on the sleek and classy Parrot Zik headphones, and the rest of the world easily fades out. While noise-cancelling audio headsets are not novel, the new wireless option from Parrot seems a step above the rest.

For one, the headphones, designed by Philippe Starck, are really soft and cushiony- comfortable on the ears. Two, the control options are conveniently located on the headphones. Move one finger vertically on the right headset to control the volume and move it horizontally to change the track. Great ergonomics, very smooth.

The Zik also comes packed with other features such as a head detection sensor, a bone conduction sensor, five microphones and a digital signal processor. It is also compatible with all mobile phone brands and most audio sources.

But for someone accustomed to finer tunes, there is one disappointment. The acoustics– touted to resemble a concert hall algorithm– are heavy on the bass and treble notes, and tend to drown out the softer elements. Despite having a pleasant reverberating feel, the music mix doesnt seem to strike the perfect balance.

Another drawback (similar to other noise-cancelling headphones) is that while the Zik shuts out the external din, it is quite loud on the outside. So if you put on the headset and listen to loud music on an airplane, your neighbour can’t really look forward to enjoying a quiet nap.

That said, the Zik looks great, feels great, and at Dhs1,499 ($408), it promises to be a good buy.


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