Revealed: World’s top 10 most socially progressed nations
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Revealed: World’s top 10 most socially progressed nations

Revealed: World’s top 10 most socially progressed nations

The UAE ranks high among the most socially progressed nations in the region

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The countries with the best economic growth don’t necessarily offer the best quality of life for their people, according to data from the Social Progress Index (SPI).

The 2016 index ranks countries on 53 indicators to determine how socially advanced they are. These include factors such as medical care, water, shelter, safety, access to knowledge, health and wellness, environmental quality, personal rights and freedom, tolerance and inclusion, among others.

Globally, European nations ranked at the top while countries with higher GDP rates like China and the United States didn’t feature among the top 10.

Among the GCC states, the UAE ranked the highest at 39, performing well in nutrition, basic medical care and basic education components.

Kuwait ranked next at 45 followed by Saudi Arabia at 65. The other GCC states were not ranked.

Top 10 most socially progressed nations

1. Finland

SPI score: 90.09
GDP ranking: 44

2. Canada

SPI score: 89.49
GDP ranking: 10

3. Denmark

SPI score: 89.39
GDP ranking: 38

4. Australia

SPI score: 89.13
GDP ranking: 13

5. Switzerland

SPI score: 88.87
GDP ranking: 19

6. Sweden

SPI score: 88.80
GDP ranking: 22

7. Norway

SPI score: 88.70
GDP ranking: 30

8. Netherlands

SPI score: 88.65
GDP ranking: 17

9. United Kingdom

SPI score: 88.58
GDP ranking: 5

10. Iceland

SPI score: 88.45
GDP ranking: 111


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