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Revealed: World’s Top 10 Safest Cities

Revealed: World’s Top 10 Safest Cities

Abu Dhabi grabbed the top spot in the region, ranking 25 among the top 50 safest cities in the world.


Tokyo is the safest city in the world, according to the Safe Cities Index 2015 released by Economic Intelligence Unit.

The Japanese capital ranked strongly in terms of personal and infrastructure safety, digital security and the safety that it guarantees to its technological assets, the report said.

The index, which ranked 50 cities worldwide, tracks the relative safety of a city across four categories – digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety.

Singapore and Osaka took the second and third spot in the list respectively while the Indonesian capital Jakarta was ranked at the 50th position.

Regionally, five Middle Eastern countries were featured in the list. Abu Dhabi occupied the 25th position, ranking as the safest city in the region. Doha was ranked 29th, while Kuwait City and Riyadh were at the 36th and 46th position respectively. Dubai didn’t find a spot among the top 50 cities ranked.

The survey also measured the perception of safety among the population of each city tracked in the list. According to the report, Abu Dhabi residents reported feeling more secure than the actual scoring that the city earned.

The ranking comes in the wake of the brutal murder of a 47-year old American schoolteacher in one of Abu Dhabi’s prominent shopping malls last month.

Ibolya Ryan was stabbed to death in the restroom of Boutik Mall in Reem Island by an Emirati woman on December 4, 2014. However, UAE authorities were quick in apprehending the killer, arresting the woman within 48 hours of the incident.

The Abu Dhabi police also reportedly thwarted the accused’s attempt to plant a bomb in front of an American doctor’s home.

World’s Top 10 Safest Cities

1. Tokyo


Score: 85.63/100
Population: More than 10 million

2. Singapore


Score: 84.61/100
Population: 5-10 million

3. Osaka


Score: 82.36/100
Population: More than 10 million

4. Stockholm


Score: 80.02
Population: Around 5 million

5. Amsterdam

Score: 79.19/100
Population: Around 5 million

6. Sydney


Score: 78.91
Population: Around 5 million

7. Zurich


Score: 78.84
Population: Around 5 million

8. Toronto


Score: 78.81
Population: 5-10 million

9. Melbourne


Score: 78.67
Population: Around 5 million

10. New York

Score: 78.08
Population: More than 10 million


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