REVEALED: The Most Powerful Arab Youths

The region boasts talented and innovative youngsters, who wield considerable influence or could potentially do so in the future.

HALA AL TURK, Child singer

Origin: Bahrain Residence: Bahrain Sector: Culture and Society The Bahraini child prodigy first found herself in the limelight aged just nine after appearing on Arabs Got Talent TV show in 2011. Despite not winning the contest she was signed by MBC’s Dubai record label Platinum Records and became a child mega star. Her songs have attracted a significant following on YouTube with hit single ‘I Love You Mama’ in collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s Mashael, netting over 50 million hits.

The full list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Arabs is published in the Gulf Business February 2014 issue and can be purchased from newsstands in the Gulf.