Get active! Seven ways to stay fit in the UAE this summer
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Revealed: Seven ways to stay fit in the UAE this summer

Revealed: Seven ways to stay fit in the UAE this summer

From rock climbing to kayaking, find the best ways to keep that weight in check

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of health and fitness cannot be understated. For those residing in the UAE, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Here are some great indoor and outdoor ways to stay fit:

1. Zumba classes
Who says you can’t make working out fun? Head over to NRG fitness to dance and spin to Latin American beats and lose weight too. First-time visitors can also book a free trial for one class. Classes are priced at Dhs105.

More information can be found at:

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2. Spin classes
Crank Fitness has locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and offers first-time packages for just Dhs60. Fitness First also offers spin classes with your first one for free under their free trial package.

Checkout Crank Fitness’ website at: or contact Fitness First at: 800-FITNESS (800-348-6377)

Image courtesy: Crank Fitness website

3. Jump around
Keep your workouts fun and flowy by visiting Bounce. Did you know that just 10 minutes of jumping is equivalent to 30 minutes of running?

Bounce offers fitness classes that allow you to jump around for an hour with an instructor and lose weight while doing it.

For more information, visit:

Image courtesy: Bounce Fit website

4. Rock climbing
Rock climbing is sure to get your body sweating and your mind working, making it the perfect summer activity. At Aventura park, you can climb into the night and do other activities such as rope swinging and zip lining. The Wall DWTC also offers the highest outdoor rock climbing club in the UAE.

Find more information on Aventura park at: and on The Wall DWTC at:

Image courtesy: Aventura park website

5. Skiing
When we think skiing, Dubai is not the first place to come to mind, but thanks to Ski Dubai, anyone can try it out. Skiing is a great way to burn calories and feel great while doing so. Ski Dubai packages start at Dhs210 and beginners can even take ski lessons to learn the basics at the Ski School.

For more information, visit:

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6. Boxing 
There are various boxing-exclusive gyms in the UAE that you can take advantage of this summer. Fit Boys boxing club offers morning and evening classes as well as classes for children. UNDERDOGBOXN offers three different classes: full boxing, boxing plus bodyweight exercises, or boxing and yoga.

More info on UNDERDOGBOXN can be found at:  Alternatively, Fit Boys boxing club classes can be booked at:

Image courtesy: UNDERDOGBOXN Facebook

7. Kayaking
Skip arm day at the gym and head over to Kite beach to work out your upper body and cool off on the beach. An hour kayak rental is Dhs60, but if you opt for a double kayak, then you and your friend can look to pay Dhs40 each. For kayaking with a view, the Louvre Abu Dhabi offers kayaking for Dhs126.

For Kite beach kayak rental, visit:

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