Revealed: Most and least expensive schools in Dubai
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Revealed: Most and least expensive schools in Dubai

Revealed: Most and least expensive schools in Dubai

School fees in Dubai can range from Dhs2,479 to Dhs120,145 per annum


Private school education has increasingly become more expensive in Dubai, despite a growth in the number of new schools.

According to a new report by online education guide Edarabia, school fees in Dubai can range from Dhs2,479 to Dhs120,145 ($675 to $32,711) per annum, not including additional fees for admission, transportation, school uniforms and books.


The range in school fees is usually linked to several factors including location, curriculum (UK, US, CBSE, IB, etc), academic track record and facilities.


As of 2016, Dubai had 173 private schools and 265,299 students.

Up to 90 per cent of students in the emirate are currently educated at private schools by 16,252 teachers, the report found.

Looking at the annual ranking done by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), 28 schools improved their overall performance between 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

Currently, 11 per cent of the students are enrolled at outstanding schools, 14 per cent at very good schools, 36 per cent at good schools, 35 per cent at acceptable schools, and 4 per cent at weak schools.

According to the KHDA, annual revenue from tuition fees amounted to Dhs6.1bn during the 2015-2016 academic year, up from Dhs5.38bn in the previous year.

Looking ahead, Dubai is anticipated to have an additional 15-20 new schools by the end of 2017, the KHDA added.

Top 10 most expensive schools

(Based on fees for Grade 12/Year 13)

(Stats from Edarabia, based on KHDA data)

1. Repton School

Fees (per annum): Dhs120,145

Curriculum: UK/IB

(The school said its current fee stands at Dhs100,759)

2. GEMS World Academy

Fees (per annum): Dhs107,928

Curriculum: IB

3. Kings School, Nad Al Sheba

Fees (per annum): Dhs103,200

Curriculum: UK

4. Kings School, Al Barsha

Fees (per annum): Dhs100,000

Curriculum: UK

5. Kent College Dubai

Fees (per annum): Dhs98,000

Curriculum: UK

6. Sunmarke School

Fees (per annum): Dhs95,000

Curriculum: UK

(Sunmarke School said it is offering a ‘founders discount’ in the first three years following its opening in September 2016. The maximum fee during this period is Dhs72,900)

7. Regent International School

Fees (per annum): Dhs92,482

Curriculum: UK

(Regent said it no longer offers secondary education and only goes up to year 6 since last summer. The maximum fee is Dhs49,308)

8. GEMS Wellington International School

Fees (per annum): Dhs89,368

Curriculum: UK

9. Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS), Arabian Ranches

Fees (per annum): Dhs89,274

Curriculum: UK/IB

10. Dubai College

Fees (per annum): Dhs87,986

Curriculum: UK

Top 10 least expensive schools in Dubai

(Based on fees for Grade 12/Year 13)

(Stats from Edarabia, based on KHDA data)

1. Khadija Kobra Iranian School Dubai

Fees (per annum): Dhs4,167

Curriculum: Iranian

2. Emirates English Speaking School

Fees (per annum): Dhs5,287

Curriculum: CBSE

3. H. H. Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistani School-Dubai

Fees (per annum): Dhs6,112

Curriculum: Pakistani

4. Gulf Model School

Fees (per annum): Dhs6,198

Curriculum: CBSE

5. Central School Dubai

Fees (per annum): Dhs6,262

Curriculum: CBSE

6. Gulf Indian High School (GIHS)

Fees (per annum): Dhs6,368

Curriculum: CBSE

7. New Indian Model School

Fees (per annum): Dhs6,517

Curriculum: CBSE

8. National Charity School Dubai

Fees (per annum): Dhs7,841

Curriculum: MOE

9. Pakistan Education Academy

Fees (per annum): Dhs8,210

Curriculum: Pakistani

10. Crescent School Dubai

Fees (per annum): Dhs8,994

Curriculum: CBSE

The full list of schools with their tuition fees can be found here.


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