Revealed: List of things to do to survive a quarantine | UAE News Revealed: List of things to do to survive a quarantine | UAE News
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Revealed: List of things to do to survive a quarantine

Revealed: List of things to do to survive a quarantine

Keeping yourself busy during quarantine might turn out to be more fun than you think

Netflix watch party

The Covid-19 has presented itself with unprecedented challenges, none of which were arguably experienced before.

As people overwhelmingly find themselves isolating and distancing, others even quarantining, they must resort to healthy engagements that ensure overall wellbeing.

The induced environment in which we find ourselves may be perceived to be dreadfully boring, but it can be more fun than people anticipate, given its all a matter of perspective.


1. Meditation

The ideal activity for releasing stress, anxiety, and any pent-up emotion during quarantine, meditation is a simple and powerful tool readily available. It can be done alone or in a virtual group setting, depending on what you find more peaceful, and can grow into a beneficial habit over time.

Book club

2. Virtual book club

With literature becoming a solid backbone to communities around the globe, a large number of book clubs have emerged online.

These clubs are a great way for book fans to discuss common interests, share ideas, interact with their favorite authors, or with other people.

Individuals can always find a suitable book club online or start their own virtual book club with friends.

Netflix watch party

3. Netflix watch party

Watching Netflix with friends and family is always a fun time and tends to bring out the comic in most.

If you’d prefer a quiet environment that doesn’t lose the element of fun, there’s Teleparty, formerly Netflix Party, which creates a private room with all the viewers in a party and adds a chat section.

4. Virtual happy hour

Miss happy hours and dinner plans with friends? Bring the fun home with a virtual happy hour.

Choose a platform, create a meeting time, and send out an invite to friends or family and let the shenanigans begin. You can always add a theme to set the tone and make it more interesting.

Virtual game night

5. Virtual game night

Whether you prefer card games, trivia, word games, or board games, there’s an online version for everything.

Pick your game, send the invites, and let the games begin!

Home workout

6. Virtual workout session

YouTube is filled with workout videos from influencers, athletes, personal trainers, and other fitness experts.

If you don’t feel like working out alone, hit up a friend to connect on a video communication platform and follow a session of your choice.

If you’re looking for something in real-time, some gyms and trainers host live group sessions for people to follow on a daily to weekly basis.

Museum tour

7. Virtual museum tours

Museums around the globe have taken a hit with the pandemic and might have to close their doors to the public.

However, tech-savvy curators have stepped up and gotten creative for the benefit of the museum and its frequent visitors.

They have created some surreal virtual tours, which are totally free and accessible to the public.

Online courses

8. Online courses

Top universities across the globe have been offering free online courses for a while now and quarantine provides us with an ample amount of time to get started or even finish a course we’ve been putting off.

If not a university course, there are plenty of tools available online for us to explore, study, and learn.

Home cooking

9. Cooking practice

Probably one of the most suggested ideas out there from family members, cooking has seemed to become a new hobby for a lot of people over the course of the pandemic.

Whether you’re looking to learn new recipes, brush up on your skills, or start cooking, there’s no better time to start.

Learning a new skill on YouTube

10. Learn a new skill from YouTube

Home to billions of videos, YouTube is a hub for anything and everything you could possibly want to learn.

From learning to play an instrument to building a computer from scratch, its all there for the taking.

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