Revealed: 10 best brands in the UAE
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Revealed: 10 best brands in the UAE

Revealed: 10 best brands in the UAE

Dubai airline Emirates tops the list with rival Etihad coming at the second place, finds new poll

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Dubai airline Emirates enjoys the best brand image in the United Arab Emirates, according to new research by communications agency IHC.

The airline was selected as the country’s best brand by 43 per cent of respondents to a survey carried out by YouGov in the UAE.

“Emirates has clearly reaped the rewards from its well-publicised 2010 plans to increase its communications budget as part of its global expansion strategy to nearly Dhs 1bn, including sponsorship, advertising and PR,” IHC said.

The airline was also recently ranked as the most positively perceived brand among residents in the UAE, according to another poll by YouGov.

IHC’s managing director Ian Hainey said: “Emirates is often lauded as the fastest-growing airline in the world and its rise to become one of the world’s biggest carriers within three decades has happened in conjunction with its aggressive marketing campaigns and, in particular, phenomenal investment into sports sponsorship.

“For instance, it feels like the brand is bombarding us with its logo and destinations every time we turn on a televised football match, which is the world’s most watched sport. The roster of payments for sponsorship deals across all sports must be impressive to say the least.”

He added: “The word ‘best’ is of course subjective, but the fact Emirates has almost three times as many votes as its competitor, Etihad, clearly demonstrates a considerable gap in perception of the brand’s quality and desirability, as it is clearly considered as superior overall.”

Abu Dhabi carrier Etihad Airways ranked as having the second best brand image in the country, with 14 per cent of the votes.

“Etihad’s far reaching global marketing spend, including Manchester City, Formula 1, plus a US major league football, ice hockey and basketball team, has ensured it comes in second place,” said Hainey.

Apart from sport sponsorships, the two airlines have also invested heavily in celebrity endorsements with Nicole Kidman promoting Etihad and Emirates roping in Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

Meanwhile other companies on the list of the UAE’s best brands include online marketplaces and Dubizzle.

“The rise of the and Dubizzle brands is testament to the UAE’s tech sector. These home grown brands have raised their profile up there with the big budget players and are clearly reinvesting considerable marketing budgets into brand awareness,” said Hainey.

“The results speak for themselves and they remain top-of-mind for online marketplaces in the emirate, with both now expanding their models into other countries,” he added.


1. Emirates

Sector: Aviation
Percentage of votes: 43%

2. Etihad Airways

Sector: Aviation
Percentage of votes: 14%

3. Etisalat

Sector: Telecommunications
Percentage of votes: 10%

4. Dubizzle

Sector: Technology
Percentage of votes: 8%


Sector: Technology
Percentage of votes: 8%

6. Emirates NBD

Sector: Banking
Percentage of votes: 7%

7. Sharaf DG

Sector: Retail
Percentage of votes: 4%

8. flydubai

Sector: Aviation
Percentage of votes: 3%

9. Air Arabia

Sector: Aviation
Percentage of votes: 2%

10. UAE University

Sector: Education
Percentage of votes: 2%


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