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Restaurant Review: Can Can Brasserie

Restaurant Review: Can Can Brasserie

Can-Can is perfectly anonymous but also perfectly convenient, particularly if you’re paying the bill.


This all-day French dining bistro is nestled in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel in Dubai International Financial Centre. As you walk in, the first thing you see is the deli-style shop, which whets your appetite and steels your confidence with a selection of tasty- looking desserts and patisserie delicacies.

The staff are professional and welcoming, while the art-deco ‘Can-Can’ themed dining space is airy and functional. But what’s most inviting about this little talked-about gem is the availability of five-star hotel food at reasonable prices. It’s not often you get dine like a king in reasonable corporate surroundings for Dhs110 a head.

Can-Can is perfectly anonymous but also perfectly convenient, particularly if you’re paying the bill. The all-you-can-eat buffet is colorful and enormous in equal measure and features a generous hors d’oeuvres spread, including French specialities, such as croque monsieur and onion soup.

But it’s the salad bar that really steals the show. The choice is immense; from the individually tossed tuna nicoise salad to Arabic tabbouleh and freshly made moutabal, it’s possible to sate your appetite entirely with the selection of vegetable and cold cut starters. However, it would be a shame to forego the mouthwatering main course selection.

Unlike the standard Dubai international buffet fare, Can Can’s selection is more streamlined. Instead of a confused offering of sushi with pizza and curry, this DIFC brasserie focuses on a few dishes done well. On the day we visited there was a selection of freshly roasted chicken or beef with potatoes, alongside pasta and a delectable salmon en croute. This reviewer enjoyed the novel simplicity of a straightforward menu.

The dessert choice, however, is extensive. The patisserie’s attention to detail is manifest in its cute handmade lemon tarts, mini éclairs and velvety pistachio meringues, which are all laid out on a table that almost spans the entire length of the room.

This chic, uncluttered eatery offers the perfect space for no-nonsense business dining. Your wallet and sweet tooth will thank you for it.


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