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Restaurant review: Boulevard Kitchen

Restaurant review: Boulevard Kitchen

Networking, dealmaking or just plain schmoozing, here’s where to head in Dubai with your business associates

boulevard kitchen dubai restaurant

There’s a hint to the type of breakfast you can expect from the moment you begin driving down the Mohamed Bin Rashid Boulevard. This is the epicentre of Dubai – ground zero if you will. Naturally, you can expect the villas, hotels and restaurants too in the area to reflect that vibe.

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Boulevard Kitchen, located in the Manzil Downtown Hotel, sticks to the overall theme. Here, you’ll find a buffet spread for breakfast that’s representative of the local and Middle Eastern cuisine. Need proof ? Head to the cheese counter. Instead of the usual French and Dutch options, you’ll find the excellent white brine Akkawi cheese and the soft Baladi goat milk cheese, both of which trace their origins to the Middle East region.

boulevard kitchen dubai restaurant

The Arabic theme continues with the crispy falafel and hummus as well the foul, accompanied by Pita bread. Even the sweet station has delicacies from the region like basbousa and muhalabia.

boulevard kitchen dubai restaurant

Mindful that there is a huge expat crowd that visits the restaurant besides the locals, the breakfast also has items on the spread that are from beyond the region. These include a crab and avocado sandwich, smoked trout, French toast, Nutella pancakes, a South Indian breakfast spread and a complete egg menu

If you’re entertaining a business associate, who would like to sample local fare, this is where to head for a breakfast meeting

Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, The Old Town, Downtown Dubai, Dubai. Daily 6.30am-11am. Dhs125 per person. Tel: (04) 8883 444


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