Ramadan 2023: Workplace etiquette during the holy month
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Ramadan: Workplace dos and don’ts during the Holy Month

Ramadan: Workplace dos and don’ts during the Holy Month

Here’s how you can be considerate to colleagues and clients during Ramadan

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Ramadan is one of the holiest times of the year for Muslims and following the tips below will help you show respect and strengthen your relationship with colleagues, clients, and employees.

  1. Given the truncated working times, expect longer turnaround times across and plan your schedule accordingly.
  2. Be considerate of those fasting and avoid scheduling meetings near prayer times or late in the afternoon.
  3. Mid-morning meetings are ideal. Ask your clients/ employees if a virtual meeting would be more convenient in Ramadan to avoid driving in the heat.
  4. Eating and drinking are not permitted in public places (except in designated areas) during daylight hours. As a sign of respect to those fasting, do not offer any food or drink in meetings. If you are in a virtual meeting, do not eat or drink when the camera is on.
  5. Modest attire is always recommended in the UAE and this becomes even more important during Ramadan. Avoid clothing that exposes your shoulders or legs. Don’t wear revealing or short clothing.
  6. Ramadan is also a time for strengthening relationships. Enhance business ties by inviting your clients for iftar or arranging a corporate iftar for your employees. Attend when you are invited.
  7. Charity is strongly recommended during the month making it the ideal time for giving back to the community.

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