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Qatar to ban alcohol from streets, public places during 2022 World Cup

Qatar to ban alcohol from streets, public places during 2022 World Cup

The head of the country’s organising committee has also said he is against alcohol sales in stadiums

The official in charge of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup plans has said football fans will not be able to buy or consume alcohol on the streets or public places, according to reports.

Secretary general of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Hassan Al Thawadi, told local publication Al Sharq he was also against serving alcohol in stadiums.

Instead alcohol consumption will be restricted to certain areas far away from public areas, Al Thawadi said without giving details.

Alcohol sales In Qatar are restricted to licensed hotels, with residents required to have a permit to drink at home and purchase alcohol from the country’s only off-licence.

There are concerns that Qatari law, which considers drinking in public or being public drunk illegal, could clash with FIFA’s traditional world cup requirements.

During the 2014 World Cup, Brazil was made to sell alcohol in stadiums after previously banning sales at football matches.

Each tournament typically has a major alcohol sponsor that generates significant revenue for FIFA.

Al Thawadi said no discussion with FIFA had taken place over the issue, but consumption would be according to Qatari law.

There was also some indication that fan zones being considered by the committee would not necessarily sell alcohol.

The secretary general cited the example of a fan zone in Katara during the 2014 World Cup that provided an enthusiastic family atmosphere without alcohol sales.

Qatar’s approach to alcohol has been stricter than some other Gulf states in recent years, with sales banned completely during Eid Al Adha this year.

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