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The Power Of Sensation In Business

The Power Of Sensation In Business

Any strong sensation keeps people engaged and riveted, writes leadership expert Debbie Nicol.

‘Sensation’ has surrounded me for the past week or two. It’s evoked both happiness and sadness – yet one thing is indisputable; it has people engaged, riveted and not willing to go elsewhere. Is your intention to have people describing their experience with your business as sensational and if so, for what reason?

At one end of the Sensation Spectrum, the recent catastrophe of the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft had the world riveted to television screens, press announcements and social media of all types for all the wrong reasons. Emotion was facilitated through a sense, generally the sense of hearing or seeing yet another inconsistent misaligned communique, etching horror and anger into the psyche of the families with missing loved ones, along with humanity in general.

At the other end of the Sensation Spectrum, Qasr Al Sarab, the signature property of the Anantara Hotel collection and pride of Abu Dhabi government, is nothing but ‘sensation’ every which way one looks. In the truest sense of the word, there is a positive emotion facilitated through sense, be that the visual sight of the towering dunes, the olfactory detectors aroused by the Emirati traditional essences, the sound of the Oud mesmerising guests, the taste of tradition embedded into the culinary delights or the touch of the drifting sands.

With each sense comes emotion, and with those emotions being a building block of positive memories, great experiences are defined. Each and every guest was already extolling the virtues of the experience, quickly becoming ambassadors and faithful customers.

How sensational is your business?

Successful and sustained business stems from a voluntary exchange, with that exchange at its most rudimentary level ‘satisfying a need’ and at its most extreme ‘cementing trust, excitement and partnership’.

Sensational Sensation, when fuelled by lack of transparency, genuine care and attention, consistency and ethical practice, evokes an emotion that disconnects and breeds contempt. Aligned and purposeful sensation forges a connection that will yield commitment and loyalty, strengthening even the toughest of storms.

Is your intention to have people describing their experience with you as sensational and if so, for what reason?

Debbie Nicol is the MD of ‘business en motion’ a Dubai-based business consultancy and learning organisation operating in the GCC and Asia.


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