is now available in the Middle East
Now Reading is now available in the Middle East is now available in the Middle East

The application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher and Windows 32- and 64-bit

Divsha Bhat
Playkey cloud gaming, a cloud gaming service that lets players worldwide play the newest video games on low-spec PCs and laptops, is now accessible in the Middle East.

Gamers in the region can now access hundreds of full-fledged PC games that run at maximum settings, are rendered, and then delivered to any low-end device through a low-latency video stream without the need for expensive gear or regular hardware and software upgrades.

How to play?

Users may play a game by going to and signing up for a membership plan. There are hourly and monthly plans that are accessibly priced. Casual gamers may choose an hourly rate and play as needed without worrying about credit expiry, while dedicated users can join up for a monthly membership and enjoy unlimited access to top-selling titles.

After subscribing, players may explore hundreds of games in the library. To connect to the service, a lightweight client must be installed. Because the material is streamed rather than downloaded, it takes up no storage space on your smartphone, and the experience feels like you are using a full-fledged gaming PC on your very own device.

How to use service

The registration process of the cloud gaming service is simple. Once the email address has been validated on the website, and the subscription package has been confirmed, the picture and internet quality will be checked, and the player will be able to begin playing immediately.

System requirements

The application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 and higher and Windows 32- and 64-bit. The bare minimum required for data interchange with the server is 4 Mbps. However, the suggested speed for running games at 720p resolution is 10 Mbps, and 25 Mbps for running games at 1080p resolution.

How to upload saves to the cloud?

Game saves are stored in the cloud and, if enabled by the publisher, in the clouds of gaming providers. It is not possible to upload your saves to the cloud or move them to another account; however, synchronisation is available. If you want to delete your saved file, you can do so by contacting the support staff.

Cloud gaming in the Middle East

Cloud gaming is the next generation streaming service that allows users with low performing devices to play the latest AAA game titles.

Having servers in UAE means millions of gamers across the GCC region can now enjoy high resolution, fast frame rate, and low latency gaming for an optimal experience at very affordable prices. doesn’t compromise server or network performance, and its hardware and software are carefully engineered to deliver content in the shortest latency possible to reduce lag and give the users a seamless streaming experience. marks the entry of cloud gaming into the GCC and has been highly anticipated by the region’s gaming communities. Popular Abu Dhabi gaming podcast,, referenced in one of their latest episodes. “We’ve all been waiting for this. The gulf gaming community is just excited for this new development. Cloud gaming is heating up, the service is quite eye-opening and may make you start to consider whether having the latest PC or console in the living room is really necessary.”

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