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Pictures: Dubai Miracle Garden reopens with new exhibits

Pictures: Dubai Miracle Garden reopens with new exhibits

It will showcase a flower display in 3D mapping on a floral screen – claimed to a world-first

Dubai Miracle Garden – the huge natural flower garden – reopens on November 1 with a display of new attractions.

Now in its seventh season, Miracle Garden features a giant Mickey Mouse made with flowers and Disney Avenue, while visitors will also be able to purchase Disney merchandise at the gift shop.

Earlier this year, Dubai Miracle Garden marked the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse with a 18-metre floral structure of the Disney character, breaking the garden’s third Guinness World Records title.

Other new additions include a floral castle that accommodates a garden dining experience, an illuminated nightscape, and Caribbean and Asian hammocks under the hanging gardens.

The garden also has two lakes in the form of a gigantic tree with over seven metre high fountains. Three life-size elephant sculpture fountains will also be displayed which will spray water in various styles and angles. The display will also feature 12-metre high 3D sculptures of animal characters.

This year, Dubai Miracle Garden will also showcase a flower display in 3D mapping on a floral screen – claimed to a world-first.

It will also feature an amphitheatre, presenting live music, dance and Zumba sessions. The new interactive children’s play zone will feature a trampoline and other activities.

Older exhibits, such as the Emirates A380 bedecked in an assortment of flowers and plants, which broke a record for the world’s largest floral structure in 2016, have been rejuvenated.

It will also offer an enhanced F&B, retail and recreational area.

Dubai Miracle Garden – which attracts around 55,000 visitors every week – has over 150 million flowers spread across 72,000 sqm.

Abdel Naser Rahhal, creator and co-founder of Dubai Miracle Garden said: “We seek to enhance and rejuvenate the experience for visitors every year, and these stunning new additions and our continued collaboration with The Walt Disney Company will provide the kind of dynamic and beautiful spectacles that continue to draw in the crowds.”


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