In pictures: 10 unique country pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020
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In pictures: 10 unique country pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020

In pictures: 10 unique country pavilions at Dubai Expo 2020

From hanging gardens to futuristic models, these country pavilions are designed to stand out


With exactly one year to go until Expo 2020 hits Dubai, here’s a look at the 10 most unique country pavilions.



The Russian pavilion offers a glimpse of what futuristic human minds will likely conquer. Designed to offer a mesmerising night view with a colourful dome, the pavilion will give visitors a taste of Russia’s culinary delights and an insight into what the future holds.


Focused on mobility, the Korea pavilion will continuously change its interface using rotating cubes and will showcase the country’s art, style and technology. Visitors will experience technologies embedded in virtual reality and artificial intelligence while enjoying panoramic views.


Designed to resemble a falcon in flight, the pavilion will tell the journey of the UAE from its historical past to the present day status as a global hub. Spread across four storeys totalling 15,000 square metres, with a dedicated hospitality area, the pavilion will showcase local culture and achievements.


The Singapore pavilion will tells the story of its urban innovation and progress through an idyllic green space, flanked by trees under a lush Hanging Garden. Visitors can stroll through a net-zero energy pavilion or an alfresco deck atop the Garden Cones, discovering more of the country’s diverse offerings.


Drawing inspiration from nature, the Azerbaijan pavilion features a leaf-shaped roof and provides a glimpse into how nature can be best preserved with the advent of technology. Spread across 1,300 square metres of gardens and walkways, the pavilion showcases solar power, natural ventilation and rainwater harvesting technology.

New Zealand 

The pavilion is based on the Maori principle of “kaitiakitanga” – the deep connect between people and the environment. The architecture illustrates “waka taonga”, the tradition of using handcrafted containers to protect valuable items.


The UK pavilion draws the visitor in to its awe-inspiring rendition of the future, the commercialisation of space and unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence. Designed by British artist Es Devlin, the Stephen Hawking-inspired pavilion features a constantly changing poem, generated by artificial intelligence and visitors’ inputs.


Spread across 4,636 square metres, the pavilion reflects the “combination of the Chinese and Western cultures”. Visitors will experience first-hand Chinese innovation, enchanting light shows, and artificial intelligence modules.


Designed by combining Arabesque and Asanoha patterns, Japan’s pavilion will welcome visitors with Origami shapes, symbolising the respect given to all through the Japanese art of Origata gift wrapping. Displaying vibrant art, culture and technology, the pavilion will offer a glimpse into what the nation will provide as the host of Expo 2025.


Drawing inspiration from the ‘Rock of Monaco’, the pavilion stands like a gemstone, offering visitors an enchanting journey through mirrored spaces. The ‘Kaleidoscope’ showcases the country’s culture and traditions, innovation and culinary richness.


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