Philippines to demand more than minimum wage for domestic workers in Kuwait

Kuwait implemented a new minimum wage for domestic workers last week

The minimum salary for Filipino domestic workers in Kuwait will remain at KD 120 ($400) despite a policy change last week setting the minimum salary for workers at KD 60 $198.54), the Philippines’ labour attache to Kuwait has been quoted as saying.

Cesar Chavez told Kuwait Times the Philippines government had set a minimum wage of KD 110 to KD 120 worldwide and this would not change following the new decree which granted domestic workers overtime pay and several other benefits.

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“We are not violating any laws in Kuwait, because what is pegged in the decree is the minimum and not the maximum wage amount,” Chavez said, according to the publication.

“Employers who need our workers from the Philippines are advised to heed our minimum salary condition, or they can hire other nationals who accept a KD 60 salary.”

The embassy has the power to stop verifying contracts if the employer insists on paying less than KD 110, he said.

Around 120,000 of Kuwait’s 600,000 domestic workers are estimated to be Filipino.

The Philippine Embassy shelter in the country houses 300 runaway housemaids who have suffered various forms of mistreatment and abuse including physical, sexual and verbal assault.