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Phase One Of Dubai’s Jumeirah Corniche Project Completed

Phase One Of Dubai’s Jumeirah Corniche Project Completed

The initial phase extends over 2 km, from the Dubai Sailing Club up to a point close to the Dubai Municipality’s Center at Umm Suqeim.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) confirmed that it has completed the first phase of the Jumeirah Corniche project.

The initial phase of the project stretches over 2km, from the Dubai Sailing Club up to a point adjacent to the Dubai Municipality’s Center at Umm Suqeim.

Nabeel Mohammed Salih, director of Roads, RTA Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “The completed part will be opened for the public as of Sunday (July 13) and walking and jogging enthusiasts are invited to practice their sport at the Jumeirah Corniche during this holy month where there is a marked tendency amongst various community segments to walk and jog.”

Completion rate in the entire project exceeded 70 per cent, RTA said in a statement, adding that it is on track for full completion by next October.

The project, sanctioned by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in October last year, will involve developing the emirate’s longest corniche stretching across 14 km.

The project will be constructed along the beach adjoining six residential districts, and will begin from the area behind Dubai Marine Beach Resort and extend up to Burj Al Arab hotel.

It comprises a five-metre wide walkway, a four-metre wide jogging track, rest-houses fitted with commercial kiosks, shaded benches overlooking the beach, and public and health amenities.

It will also have a “unique landscaping theme,” said Salih.

“The Jumeirah Corniche will convert the sandy beaches to a vital venue through adding decorative and entertainment elements as well as public services for the beach visitors amongst residents and tourists who flock to the Dubai beaches to enjoy sitting beside the sea or practicing walking or jogging,” he added.

Sheikh Mohammed has also directed authorities to link both the project’s walkway and jogging tracks with the upcoming Dubai Canal Project.

Launching the project last year, he said: “We instructed the concerned authorities to increase the number of walking and jogging tracks around the emirate, and we will create and develop more to serve various residential areas in Dubai.

“We hope the people of Dubai will make use of these tracks and practice sports for the best of their bodies and minds.”


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