PepsiCo pledges $5m towards Covid-19 relief in MENA region PepsiCo pledges $5m towards Covid-19 relief in MENA region
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PepsiCo pledges $5m towards Covid-19 relief in MENA region

PepsiCo pledges $5m towards Covid-19 relief in MENA region

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, PepsiCo and its foundation are focused on providing financial assistance, medical equipment and meals as well as supporting local health authorities’ efforts across the region


PepsiCo and its philanthropic unit, the PepsiCo Foundation, alongside its bottling network partners are pledging a total of $5m in relief efforts carried out across the region to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, it announced on April 14.

The relief efforts are primarily based on providing financial assistance, medical equipment, supporting local health authorities’ efforts and arranging meals for vulnerable communities across the region.

Over the next few weeks, PepsiCo and its partners will support food banks in Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to distribute 10 million meals and food supply boxes to labor camps, quarantined communities, vulnerable families and at-risk groups.

This move is part of the company’s aim to #GiveMealsGiveHope by delivering more than 50 million meals globally as well as provide other essential resources needed to fight the contagion.

Meanwhile, personal protection equipment and other health equipment to frontline responders has been supplied to healthcare workers in Lebanon via donations to the Lebanese Red Cross and the Rafik Hariri Hospital.

PepsiCo’s contribution in Saudi Arabia is focused on providing emergency meals to families, supporting small business affected by Covid-19 through government initiatives, and distributing essential items to frontline workers including sterilisation materials, surgical masks and food packs.

In Iraq, funds have been dispensed to support an online education program with the authorities, and to contribute to a food drive initiative that will provide meals for over 10,000 families.

As the pathogen continues to spread, PepsiCo intends to announce additional programs over the coming days and weeks to meet local needs.

Additionally, for the month of April, The PepsiCo Foundation is offering a two-to-one matching program for all employee charitable contributions to select nonprofits providing Covid-19 relief globally, contributing up to $2m in support to nonprofits chosen by employees.

“During these times we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our people, customers and consumers as well as remaining committed to providing food supplies across the region,” said Aamer Sheikh, president and general manager at PepsiCo Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan.

“The importance of supporting relief efforts is paramount to us, as the Middle East is not just somewhere we operate, it is our home. We’ve been present here for over 60 years through our communities, employees, bottlers and local government partners. Leading with purpose is part of our DNA and we will continue to make a positive impact where we operate. We are grateful for the role we can play in supporting those who need it most in these extraordinary circumstances.”

“The generosity of our bottling partners and cooperation of local governments has meant that our collective contributions can make a meaningful impact in the lives of many people, including the courageous healthcare professionals that are inspiring us all.”

PepsiCo, present in the Middle East, North Africa region for over six decades, has through its foundation, supported social impact and development in the communities where the company operates.

Globally, PepsiCo has committed more than $45m to combat the impact of Covid-19, by providing local humanitarian support, and is working with partners to distribute more than 50 million meals worldwide.


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