Oracle unveils employee experience platform for evolving workforce needs
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Oracle unveils employee experience platform for evolving workforce needs

Oracle unveils employee experience platform for evolving workforce needs

A comprehensive platform within Oracle Cloud HCM gives HR and business leaders tools to support employee success with new solutions


Oracle ME, a complete employee experience platform to help organisations increase employee engagement and ensure employee success has been launched by Oracle.

Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud human capital management (HCM), Oracle ME enables HR and business leaders to streamline communications across the organisation, increase productivity by guiding employees through complex tasks, and improve talent retention by developing a more supportive and trusted environment at work.

“Employees want to feel heard, empowered, and part of a culture they believe in. To meet these expectations, organisations need to step up and design experiences that meet the unique needs of their talent – or risk losing them to competitors that do,” said Yvette Cameron, senior vice president of Global Product Strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM.

“Part of designing better experiences involves seeing employees as unique individuals with their own needs, goals, and ways of getting things done. Oracle ME is all about converging workers’ information, critical insights, workflows, and preferences with a technology-enabled solution to give each individual something they can call ‘my experience’. It’s the only complete employee experience platform focused on understanding the ‘me’ behind every worker, providing organisations new ways to listen to, communicate with, support, and develop their hybrid workforce.”

Oracle ME provides contextual and guided experiences that strengthen workplace relationships and allow employees to provide continuous feedback with their managers. It also enables managers to track and act on real-time employee sentiment, while helping HR teams deliver personalised employee communications and support their entire workforce with direct access to the tools they need, when they need them.

Furthermore, it is an open platform that extends across the Oracle Fusion Cloud applications suite. It also connects to and automates processes with third-party systems and works across multiple channels such as email, SMS, web browser, collaboration tools, and video conferencing. HR teams and business leaders can easily manage changes within Oracle ME to adjust to the changing work environment without the need for IT support, making it easier to deliver employee experiences that reflect a company’s unique culture.

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